Thursday, April 21, 2011

Huzzah for spill-proof bubbles!

For every terribly designed toy or kids item, there are many good ones. My most recent delight cost me a whole $6.99 at Target a few weeks ago. It makes one of my son's favorite outdoor playthings a whole lot easier on mom. Now we finally have neater BUBBLES.

My son LOVES blowing bubbles. We do it all spring and summer long until mom just can't puff them out anymore. But the worst part, as most parents know, is the sticky mess the bubble soap makes all over the kids, you, and the driveway and nearby plants. Invariably, the kids want to hold the bottle with the liquid and just as invariably they knock it over or drop it and there goes all the bubble liquid. Tantrums generally ensue.

But NO MORE! I don't know HOW I missed this thing but some genius has designed a spill-proof bubble liquid container! Apparently it's been around quite a long time. I guess maybe it's just because I didn't have kids until recently. But I must say - I could kiss them! I sincerely hope they are making millions on the design, because it has (albeit in a small way) made my life easier and happier.

The one we have is called the No Spill Mini Bubble Bucket and it's made by Little Kids. There's also a BIG bubble bucket and a bubble tumbler that is "individual size". What I love is that all three can be turned completely upside down and they don't spill. The wand fits inside and comes out ready to puff out bunches of bubbles.

Now, if they just can make mom with bigger lung capacity, we'd be ready to rock. Oh wait, that's why I also bought the Extream Bubble Gun by Placo (also available at Target) for when mom just can't puff another puff... then battery power takes over.

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