Friday, February 3, 2012

A great place for beauty and Anti-Aging

I love sharing the gems I find and things I love, which is part of why I write this blog. So today my tidbit for those readers interested (like I am!) in anti-aging solutions and natural skincare and cosmetics is the blog Truth-in-Aging.

I was researching the ingredients in my children's skincare products after Liam was born and stumbled upon this great gem. I've been reading it for several years now and repeatedly go back to it to research products and read about new ones.

The blog is run by Marta Wohrle, a former journalist who (like many of us) had a million half-empty bottles and jars of products that never worked sitting on her counter. As she learns about products and potions, she shares the information with her readers. The Ingredients Spotlight on the site is a wealth of information - I discovered there is a shocking amount of toxic substances in many cosmetics. This searchable glossary is where I often go to find what an ingredient is supposed to do and whether it is toxic. Marta and her team are excellent about finding clinical research to back up claims about efficacy and toxicity.

They often have reader reviewers, and some time ago I "won" the opportunity to try an intriguing product in exchange for a review when I was done. Apparently I did a pretty nice review, since they have since invited me to contribute more product test reviews - in fact, I'm soon to start testing my fourth product. I like doing it, and I like reading and learning from the blog. I hope you like it and find it informative too!

Here is a link to my latest review.

Enjoy and start educating yourself!